Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bike MS 2010

With nary 25 miles of training in, on the tail-end of a respiratory infection, and against my wife's better judgment, I decided to make the ride, anyway.  I had raised $500 and I REALLY wanted to make it happen.  So, drugged up, I showed up bright and early at the start line.  Good crowd again, this year.

The morning started a little cool again, but a few miles in, despite my poor training, my legs remembered what to do.  Day 1 finished pretty uneventfully.

Long roads...

Fun at rest stops...

Plus, my wife, Hilary, volunteered for our team, MO-KAN-DO, so I got to see her at meal times.

Day 2 started out rainy.  Feeling the pain from the before, I sagged ahead to Warrensburg with others from my team.  The first half was a little soggy.  I decided to try the i Pod this year to help the miles tick by.  So, with Harry Potter in my ears, the miles ticked by, and before I knew it, I was at the finish line.  Another 130 miles under my belt.