Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Long Ride In

So, this morning, I decided that I would get "back in the saddle" and start up on my bike commuting again.  Since I'd been on hiatus finishing my basement, I was a little rusty on what bus routes I needed to take to get in.  Right before drifting off, I fired up the website for TheJo.  DRAT!  It was down.  No matter, I knew where and what time my first bus was and so I'd catch the second bus at the park and ride.

Caught my first bus with no issue.  While riding, I decided to fire up my phone browser and determine what my next bus was.  I couldn't find it.  Long story short, after a confirmation from the driver (and emails to TheJo after arriving at work), they cancelled the 'H' bus that ran from Olathe to the Sprint Campus (just a week previous!).  Apparently, there's some sort of new plan they're working on.  So, I hoofed it in across 119th and picked up the Indian Creek trail and arrived a sweaty mess.  Now, to find another route...