Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bike MS 2010

With nary 25 miles of training in, on the tail-end of a respiratory infection, and against my wife's better judgment, I decided to make the ride, anyway.  I had raised $500 and I REALLY wanted to make it happen.  So, drugged up, I showed up bright and early at the start line.  Good crowd again, this year.

The morning started a little cool again, but a few miles in, despite my poor training, my legs remembered what to do.  Day 1 finished pretty uneventfully.

Long roads...

Fun at rest stops...

Plus, my wife, Hilary, volunteered for our team, MO-KAN-DO, so I got to see her at meal times.

Day 2 started out rainy.  Feeling the pain from the before, I sagged ahead to Warrensburg with others from my team.  The first half was a little soggy.  I decided to try the i Pod this year to help the miles tick by.  So, with Harry Potter in my ears, the miles ticked by, and before I knew it, I was at the finish line.  Another 130 miles under my belt.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Burn Out

After my full ride in yesterday morning, I was pretty worn.  However, I decided (against a small nagging voice) to go ahead and tough it out on the way home.  With one water bottle in tow, temperatures in the upper 90s, and me WAY out of cycling shape, it was a recipe for disaster.

It hit me about halfway home.  I was in "no man's land" in the suburbia bike path when I succumbed.  Drenched with sweat, about to pass out, I stopped in the shade to swallow the last few dribbles of water.  Shaking, I called my wife.  She was in Greenwood and it was rush hour.  No rescue from her.  I waited around a bit longer, thinking I maybe could make it.  She had other plans.  A few phone calls later, one of our associate pastors picked me up and hauled my sorry butt home.  Two bottles plus better planning for me, in the future.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Long Ride In

So, this morning, I decided that I would get "back in the saddle" and start up on my bike commuting again.  Since I'd been on hiatus finishing my basement, I was a little rusty on what bus routes I needed to take to get in.  Right before drifting off, I fired up the website for TheJo.  DRAT!  It was down.  No matter, I knew where and what time my first bus was and so I'd catch the second bus at the park and ride.

Caught my first bus with no issue.  While riding, I decided to fire up my phone browser and determine what my next bus was.  I couldn't find it.  Long story short, after a confirmation from the driver (and emails to TheJo after arriving at work), they cancelled the 'H' bus that ran from Olathe to the Sprint Campus (just a week previous!).  Apparently, there's some sort of new plan they're working on.  So, I hoofed it in across 119th and picked up the Indian Creek trail and arrived a sweaty mess.  Now, to find another route...