Friday, September 11, 2009

Day 2

Once again, 05:00 came early.  It was a lot cooler this morning, plus it's Friday, so I decided to try riding to the bus in my jeans and polo.  It worked quite well.  A shoe change and hair comb was all that was required once I got to work.

Here's the 'B' bus that picks me up at 151st & Ridgeview.  It's pretty dark, still, at 5:50 AM, so sorry this is grainy.

Then, I catch the 'H' bus at the Strang Line Park and ride.  It drops me off on the Sprint Nextel Campus in Overland Park.  (That's my bike loaded on the front)

Gonna take off early today so I can make it home to bring the girls to the Liverpool concert this evening.  Sprint is hosting them along with some cheap eats.  It should be fun!