Monday, September 28, 2009

Bike MS 2009

Well, I did it!  I made it through the ride.  The LONGEST ride for me, to date.  On Saturday, I decided to challenge myself with the century loop, so I pulled out a grand total of about 104 miles.  Very worth it as it was a much flatter ride than the last 10 miles of the normal route (plus I got a cool pin and bragging rights).  Got several comments on my beast, one notable is from a guy who was self-supporting running full front and back Arkel panniers.  He made his comment as he blew by me in a pack of riders.  Someday...

On Sunday, I sagged forward with most of Team MO-KAN-DO (the team I rode with) past the big hills to Warrensburg.  Glad I did.  The headwinds were brutal all day and I would have a hard time doing the full 80 miles.  At lunch, I bumped into Randall from the Un-Lenexa Cave Ride.  He was riding a fixie the whole way - quite a setup.  This picture is not great, but it was a kind of time-trial looking bike with a Spinergy wheel on the front and a Zipp wheel on the back (the Zipp was not wind-friendly, he said - it acted like a sail).  Gotta hand it to him, though.

Anyway, had a great time and know what to expect for next year.  Definitely going to bring the iPOD and the pannier was nice to have, though it probably slowed me down a bit.  Definitely going to ride with the team again.

The best part was crossing the finish line as I took my medal from a lady in a wheelchair who has MS, I heard her clearly say "Thank you!".  All worth it.   Thanks to those who donated.  Still not too late if you want - here's my donation page.

Start Line on Saturday - Beautiful 54 degrees

At times, the roads seemed to go on forever...

Self-portrait after finishing